Used Tires

Starting at Only $20, Our Used tire inventory ranges from all sizes brands and seasons.

Value & Safety

Tires in our inventory meet or exceed safety standards both in Ontario & Quebec. Whether you need tires for a used car you’re buying, damaged a tire on a pot hole or have worn out the tires on your ride, give us call to see if we have your size in inventory and save yourself a bunch of money.
Car driving down the road in fall.

Tire Storage

Where do you store your tires? OnRoute Services offers seasonal tire storage in our heated in door facility above the ground level keeping your wheels safe, secure and away from technician work areas. We offer this service to spare our customers back, free their garages, enjoy their apartment patio again and leaving your trunk or back seat free of any road dirt. For $40 per season, give yourself one less thing to worry about.
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Used Tires & Tire Storage

Used tire starting at $20.00
Seasonal tire storage: $40.00

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience at OnRoute!

Not only are Nick and Chris both knowledgeable, informative, and professional, but they are also kind and patient. They took the time to answer my questions and describe in detail each service provided. It’s more than apparent OnRoute has an in-depth understanding of all things automotive. I would highly recommend servicing your vehicle at this establishment.

Amanda Paluck

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